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Frequently Asked Questions


- The Bunny Graveyard II, sequels, ports and more -

Q: Is The Bunny Graveyard getting a sequel?

A: Yes! The Bunny Graveyard's sequel is currently in development and is planned to release in 2025. 

Q: Wasn't The Bunny Graveyard episodic?
A: The Bunny Graveyard was planned as an episodic game, but instead, we decided to focus more on making sequels for the game. The short answer for this decision is basically that we felt like forcing people to buy DLCs was unfair, so making a whole new game is much nicer for us and our players.

If you want to read the full explanation,
read this Steam Community post.

Q: How much will The Bunny Graveyard II cost?
A: Price will be decided by the end of development, we still want to make these games affordable for everyone so don't expect a high price compared to most video games in the current market.

- Other -

Will The Bunny Graveyard release on consoles?
A: As we previously revealed, we are currently working on a Nintendo Switch port for The Bunny Graveyard. Other consoles might also be possible depending on the demand.

Q: Will The Bunny Graveyard release on Android/iOS?
A: We don't think The Bunny Graveyard is the type of game to be played on a mobile device, however, if the demand is high, we'll consider it.

Q: Who's behind The Bunny Graveyard?
A: Kenneth Alvarez, a.k.a. "Pichon" is the creator and developer of The Bunny Graveyard, currently he handles all of the game's development including the programming, art, music, etc. Jorge Ramirez is also part of the team, he is the writer and creative director of the project.

Q: What is "Happily Ever After"?
A: "Happily Ever After" is the name we use for projects that are not canon to the main story of The Bunny Graveyard. Sometimes we just like to mess around with the game's characters and we thought we should give a proper name to projects like those.

Q: I'm a content creator, can I play the next game early?
A: If you are interested in receiving a key for the next game for recording purposes, send an email to Keep in mind that not all requests will be accepted.

Q: How can I stay up to date with The Bunny Graveyard news?
A: The best way to stay up to date with The Bunny Graveyard news is to subscribe to our email newsletter. It's free, AND you'll receive all the news before anyone else does!

Q: Where can I listen to the soundtrack?
A: You can listen to the soundtrack in Bandcamp or our YouTube Channel (Spotify/Apple Music coming soon)

Q: How do I keep supporting The Bunny Graveyard?
A: There are many ways to keep supporting the development of The Bunny Graveyard. We don't have any Kickstarters or Patreons that you can subscribe to but sometimes we collaborate with merch companies to make cool items that you can purchase like the Boxers plushie! Telling your friends about the game is also good enough, almost all of the game's funding comes from game purchases. But if you don't have the money to support us monetarily, that's fine too! Simply spreading the word is enough.

Got more questions? Email us.

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